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Frequently Asked Questions
  What are your requirements?  
    Answer. We like to work mainly with independent owner operators having their own authority. We require your proof of insurance, workman's comp, authority certificate and w-9

  Do you require a contract?  
    Answer. Yes, we require you to sign a contract. However, the verbiage has no long term commitments. The contract is short and easy to understand. We also require you to sign a "notice of assignment". This is a document that notifies your customer that the receivable has been sold to quickloadpay.com

  What is your discount percentage  
    Answer. We offer an initial rate of 6.4%. If after 120 days your customer is paying within 30 days, we will lower the rate to 5.4%.

  Do you charge back any portion of the freight bill  
    Answer. We purchase the freight bill assuming the negotiated rate is accurate and that their is no damage and everything else on the freight bill is clean. We will assume liability for the inability of the customer to pay. We will not get involved in a rate dispute, a product shortage or damage issue. You assume all liability for the shipment other than the inability of the customer to pay the bill. So if the customer pays short the invoice due to damage etc., we will deduct that from your $500.00 deposit. If that doesn't cover the paid short, then we will look to you for the difference.

  What if the customer goes bankrupt  
    Answer. Customers who don't pay their freight bills is a bad deal for everybody. However, we take that risk. That is why, before you haul for someone, you must check with our database and make sure they are an approved customer. If they are not in our database, we will check them out for free. If we reject the customer, we will not purchase the freight bill and you will have to bill them direct.  
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