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About Our Factoring Program
  Our primary goal at QuickLoadPay.com is to assist the independent owner operator or small fleet owner with cash for: Fuel, Truck Maintenance, Insurance etc. We have developed a factoring program that is flexible, simple and fast. Like most other factoring companies, holding back a reserve with every invoice is an utter nightmare. Our simple process allows you to submit your invoice online, send in your paperwork and get your cash. No reserve, no worry of bad debt, no collecting the freight bill, you walk away clean with no headaches.

With your good, creditworthy customers, we will buy your freight bills at a discount of 5.9%. Once set-up in our system, mail or overnight your documentation (bills of Lading, load confirmation and clean signed proof of delivery) and we will wire your cash to your bank account within 24 hours. You may factor all of your accounts or just one. You may factor on a short term basis or long term. You make the choice. We require a one-time refundable deposit of $500 allowing us to settle up; paid shorts, unforseen damage issues or rate discrepencies etc.

Getting set-up is easy and free. Simply fill out our initial application and we will send you our start-up kit via fax or mail.

For any other questions
email us at derek@advantagetran.com,
fax us at: (801) 858-4334, or
call us at: (801) 956-0296
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